Pitra Dosh Puja at Trimbakeshwar

Please perform Puja from Authorized Guru Ji Only.
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Pitra Dosh puja is an important ritual synonymous with people of the Hindu faith. This is a puja or ceremony that finds its origin in the Hindu scriptures or the Vedas. Pitra Dosh as the term suggests, refers to the sin committed by one with regard to disrespectful behaviour shown towards his / her elders. The demonstration of disrespectful behaviour is revealed by a personís consumption of alcohol, illicit relationships and coveting of otherís property among other sorts of negativities. Elders are placed in high regard in the Hindu religion. Thus it is said that a person who disobeys or shows disrespect towards oneís elders is doomed to a life of misery in his / her next birth. To put an end to such suffering and misery, the Pitra Dosh puja is performed.

It is said that a person who has committed pitra dosh or a sin of this magnitude in his / her previous birth suffers from manifold problems in his / her current life. Such people suffer from financial and marital woes, bouts of insecurity, and erratic behaviour. They end up suffering from mental and physical problems and illnesses. Therefore it is suggested in the Hindu texts to perform the pitra dosh puja that will rid them of their ailments and afflictions.

To begin with, a person with pitra dosh worships the shivling and the Goddess Kali. As crows and Peepal trees are symbolized as forefathers by Hindus, worship of Peepal trees is common, especially among those who suffer from pitra dosh. People also feed crows to rid themselves off this dosh or misery.Further, one needs to refer to the Hindu Shashtras or texts that list and describe how a person can atone for their past life sins. These texts also show how people can identify this dosh and pray for a cure in the appropriate locations or temple sites.

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